Tuesday, September 21, 2010

This year I am embarking on a new journey. I will be teaching kindergarten/1st grade. I am really nervous about this because I think that they are the most important grades. Kids learn to read in these grades. I have been teaching now for 5 weeks and I am excited to say all is going well. The 1st graders were already pretty good readers and the kindergartners are still learning their letters. So far it has been a rewarding and challenging experience. I have decided that the main thrust of my class will be reading. The rest the kids can catch up on if need be. If they don't learn the basic reading skills they will struggle forever. I have 7 kids in my class. I have 3 kindergartners and 4 1st graders. Of the k's one has had pre-k, one is pre-k, and one is new. All of the 1st graders read. 2 read really well and 2 struggle a little more. So far my biggest challenge is behavior. We have now settle all of those issues and have settled into a great routine of school work and fun.

Now to top everything off I am sick and have missed 2 days of school. I think that we will be able to pick up where we left off when I get back.

So excited to see the outcome for this year.