Saturday, March 28, 2009

This is a video of Kyndra walking a crawling around in the entertainment center. She was so fun to watch and so very proud of herself.


This video is from Kyndra's birthday party. We went to Gary's parents house for dinner and then had cake and ice cream.


I am so excited for Josh and Jessica. Yesterday they moved into their new house. They have been waiting along time for a place of their own. I am so glad that they are loved and appreciated in their new church.

Cassie and Gary just bought a Jeep Cherokee to turn into a offroader. Jerry is so excited about going on Jeep runs with them when we get there. They are going to the Badlands in June. They hope we will be there by then. I pretty sure that's not going to happen.

My mom had shingles. I feel so bad for her. She said it was a very light case but I think it was still painful. I wish I would have know sooner then I could have gone over to help her.

Last night we had dinner with the Holemans. The Bells were there also. It was a gun evening and the food was great.

Last but not least... I love my new job. It is the best place to work. Everyone there is so kind and loving. My boss has written me a note to tell me how good I'm doing and how much they appreciate me. She has also told me the same at least 2 times in the last 2 weeks. The kids are amazing and so well behaved. It is really fun and I get to be creative. No one gossips about other people or even says anything bad about them. It is a very CHRISTIAN place to work and I am so blessed by God that he gave it to me.

Have you ever wondered what you would do in different situations. We watched a show called "What Would You Do?" They set up different situations and see how people react. One we say showed a guy drugging a girls drink while she was in the bathroom. They were on their first date and they made sure all the people around them knew what was going on. Only 3 people said anything to the girl and 2 of them only said something after she said she felt funny and got up to leave with the guy. I was amazed. I think people are afraid to get involved. I wonder what I would do! I like to think I would say something to her and stop what was happening.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Money saving Mom

I found a website that is really helpful. It's called Money saving Mom and here is the link
Have fun.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Jerry was so excited to see Kyndra. He hadn't seen her since August and she has changed so much since then. She is starting to talk but so far its mostly jabber. Jerry was trying to get her to say his name and he said, "Say Grandpa, Kyndra". Kyndra looked at him and said as clear as a bell, "Do-Do". He was so disappointed. All week the girls called him Grandpa Do-do. I think this serves him right because he thought it was hilarious when Jessica called me puppy!

Monday, March 16, 2009


On Thursday night of our trip to Canton Gary's parents invited all of us to dinner. We also had a birthday party for Kyndra. It was so much fun to spend time with family and to celebrate such a wonderful occasion.

Monday, March 9, 2009

On the road again!

Here we are sitting at the air port waiting for our flight to board. Can't wait to get to Peoria. Unfortunately we won't get there until 10pm. It's fun watching people at the air port. It's also fun listening to people. When people talk on their cell phones they forget that eveyone can hear them. Sometimes I think they surely wouldn't say "that" if they knew I was listening. Even if you try not to listen you get sucked in. It's rude to listen but when your bored entertainment is entertainment. People sure do dress sloppy. I notice it more and more. I know not every one is a fashion icon but at least they could comb their hair and brush their teeth. How sad that some people don't think enough of themselves to care.

Saturday, March 7, 2009


Today is Kyndra's first birthday. It is amazing to think that 1 year ago we were at the hospital waiting for our little angel to be born. We were so excited and she was so beautiful. Right then and there we decided we needed to be with our family no matter where they were. All I kept thinking is what am I going to do when Cassie has babies and we are 2000 miles away. Well as you know God has a way of working things out. We will be so happy when we get to move to Illinois so we can be with both our kids and all of our grandkids. I know that God wants us there and that he will open the path for us to get there. We just need to be patient ( which is really hard for me) and let him work. We love you Kyndra and can't wait to see you!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Is Spring Here Yet?

This time of year I always get antsy for spring. I know that we probably have at least 2 more months of winter but I can't help looking forward to every little sign. Yesterday I noticed that the tulips we planted by the mail box one of the first years we lived here are coming up. I love it when they bloom because they are such a pretty red. This spring I will really miss our beautiful flowering plum tree that was right outside our living room window. It fell down during the ice storm we had around Christmas. Nearly everyday I see new signs of spring. The little kids at the day care love picking dandelions. I end up with a whole collection of them at the end of the day. Sunday is daylights savings time and we will turn our clocks forward one hour. That's another sign of spring!!! Can't wait=)

Monday, March 2, 2009

Here we go again!

Well if you don't already know, I have a new job. I actually start today. It was a really cool experience getting interviewed for this job. When I got there the lady said, " I already know I'm going to hire you." She then explained that she had prayed and asked God to help and I was the first person to show up. Pretty cool huh! I told her of course that was because my daughter, who is God's favorite, was praying for me to get a job. When I was leaving after a 2 hour interview she asked me to tell Jessica she still needed a infant teacher.

I am getting so excited for our trip. I miss my girls so much and I kinda miss Kyndra a little too! Josh and Jessica should be closing on their new house while we are there and Cassie and Gary have a surprise too. I can't wait to get back home and put our house up for sale so we can get out of here. I will miss some people but I will be happier in Illinois.