Thursday, August 27, 2009

I just realized that I haven't updated my blog for awhile. So much has been happening in our lives. God has been so good to us but he has also challenged us in ways we never expected.
For the first time in our married life we are both unemployed. Since we are we decided that there is no reason for us to stay here. We are leaving the 1st of October for Illinois. No we haven't sold our house yet. We just figured that we will have to pay the same bills there as here. I don't want to try to find a job here and get trained and then have to move. We have already scheduled 3 nights at Mesa Verde National Park. We are meeting Jerry's parents there on our way to Illinois. We will arrive at Josh and Jessica's in time for me to attend the Ladies Spectacular. I am so excited. Jerry is still working on the Mustang for Chuck and when he doesn't have parts he is doing repairs around the house and on the motor home. Today we started to put the flooring in the motor home. We ripped out the carpet in the kitchen area and bathroom. Boy did it smell like dog. Then we have to prep the area and put the new flooring in. It will be so much nicer and easier to keep clean. We will still have the carpet in the couch area.
I can't wait to move. I have to admit that part of me is a little scared because it is all so unsettled. I would feel better if our house was sold but, we are sure that this is God's will for our lives We have prayed and fasted about this. I think God still has time to sell our house for us and if he doesn't there is a reason he doesn't and we will just have to deal with it.

I can't wait to have family meals with our kids and do all the stuff we haven't been able to do with them. I can't wait to see our new grand baby born and get to hold it. I can't wait to see Kyndra and play with her. God is so good that he has arranged all of this for us.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Josh and Jessica went to a couple retreat with their church. Kyndra got to go visit her grandma GiGi. Don't they look alike.
Jerry and I have decided that even if we don't sell the house we are moving at the end of September. We will have to pay the same bills no matter where we are and actually a few less if we are in Illinois. We haven't given up on God selling our house for us. We think he will but, God helps those who help themselves. We are still waiting to see what He's going to do for us.
Mom finally got the all clear to do her garage sale from George's apartment. She said she did well so I am very happy for her.
Pastor White had his first Sunday morning service at Columbia Ridge. We taught Children's church so missed the service. I guess there were about 70 in attendance. It was such a blessing to see so many people there. Steve Aichele and his boys went to the service too. What a great day.
Friday night we went to the Ross Coleman Invitational. There were over 40 bull riders there. It was so very awesome to see all the riders and very exciting.
Saturday we went over to help Aunt Bev get her computer back up and running. They ended up taking us all out to dinner at Adobe Rose. It was so good and so fun to spend time with them.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Today at work my boss had everyone come into the kitchen (including the kids), she started talking about God and asking who God was and what he could do. I thought she was going to give the plan of salvation to all of the kids. She then asked everyone if they thought God could do anything, even things that we couldn't do. All of the kids said yes. Then she asked everyone to bow their heads and had her husband lead a prayer for us to sell our house. It brought tears to my eyes. What a blessing to work in a place so full of Gods love and to have such loving and compassionate people to work for.