Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Mysterious Muddy Footsteps

Today I was cleaning our shower and started to wonder how all those muddy footprints get in there.   Jerry and I are both adults and usually clean up after our selves.  Yet every time I clean the shower there are muddy foot prints in the bottom of it.  Last week end I watched the girls on Thursday through Friday.  Our church had a teen conference and since Josh is the Teen Pastor he and Jessica were very busy.  To keep from having the girls stuck in the nursery for 3 solid days they stayed at Mema and Bepa's.  We had so much fun with them.  Then this week we watched the girls on Thursday night so Josh and Jessica could celebrate their anniversary which was actually July 31st. As I was scrubbing the floor in the shower it suddenly dawned on me
how the footprints got there.  When Kyndra was smaller and we took her to Menards with us several times.  One of the highlights of our trips was when she was allowed to play in the shower stalls they had set up.  She loved going in and out of the doors.  Of course that's how the prints got int he shower!  Kyndra was playing.  One less mystery in life.