Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Mysterious Muddy Footsteps

Today I was cleaning our shower and started to wonder how all those muddy footprints get in there.   Jerry and I are both adults and usually clean up after our selves.  Yet every time I clean the shower there are muddy foot prints in the bottom of it.  Last week end I watched the girls on Thursday through Friday.  Our church had a teen conference and since Josh is the Teen Pastor he and Jessica were very busy.  To keep from having the girls stuck in the nursery for 3 solid days they stayed at Mema and Bepa's.  We had so much fun with them.  Then this week we watched the girls on Thursday night so Josh and Jessica could celebrate their anniversary which was actually July 31st. As I was scrubbing the floor in the shower it suddenly dawned on me
how the footprints got there.  When Kyndra was smaller and we took her to Menards with us several times.  One of the highlights of our trips was when she was allowed to play in the shower stalls they had set up.  She loved going in and out of the doors.  Of course that's how the prints got int he shower!  Kyndra was playing.  One less mystery in life.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Looking on the bright side!

I just realized that I am an optimist.  No matter what happens I look on the bright side (this doesn't mean I don't have things I could get sad or depressed about).  I do sometimes get grumpy or discouraged but for the most part I am content where I am.  I know that part of this is because my step dad always looked on the dark side.  He was constantly complaining about the weather, the economy, the news, business, life, whatever.  I determined then not to be like that.  Everyone gets down sometimes  but for the most part we choose our attitude.  We decide how we are going to look at things.  As for me...I choose to be happy.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Leaving in the Morning

Tomorrow morning I am leaving for Washington, Iowa.  I am going to a youth conference with our teens.  I am very excited.  The name of the conference is Our Time.  It is at Marion Ave. Baptist Church.  This church has been lead by Bro. Larry Brown.  At Pastors School Bro. Brown announced that he is giving up his church and become a traveling Evangelist.  His son is in the running to take over the church.  Bro. Browns wife died last year and he really has the gift of spreading the gospel.  I can't wait to attend this conference.  I am also excited to get to know the teens better.  Praying for a safe trip and for the teens to be changed. 

Friday, April 15, 2011

What a Wonderful Life

God has truly blessed me.  He gave me a wonderful, loyal, hardworking, loving husband.  He gave me 2 fantastic daughters, 2 adorable granddaughters, 2 son-in-laws that love and care for our daughters, a great church and lots of friends who we love and care for.  I am so thankful for all of it.  He has given me so much that I can't even thank him for everything. 

We recently had a visit from one of our favorite people.  Rachel was here from Oregon with her 2 little girls.  We were so happy to see her and to get to know her babies.  She is just like one of our own kids.  Sometimes in life you think you will never see someone again.  We never thought we would see Rachel's parents or even Rachel again.  It was a very pleasant surprise to see her parents when we went out to lunch with Rachel, Gary and Cassie.  Gary arranged to surprise all of us.  He was pretty proud of himself.

I am getting more and more excited about my Mom coming to come visit.  She will be here May 13th.  Jerry is killing himself to get the house done before she arrives.  I can't wait for it to be all done and to see Mom. 

School is nearly out for the year and I feel really good about it.  The kids are all reading and are all doing very well.  I am proud of them and how hard they have worked.

Saturday, April 2, 2011


About a month ago we were informed of some exciting news.  Jessica is expecting again.  We are so happy and just can't wait to meet # 3 in the Graham family.  We had to promise not to say anything for awhile.  Our new grandbaby is due Oct. 21st.  I'm hoping for my birthday on the 28th.  Jessica posted the cutest video of  them telling the girls about the new arrival.  Kyndra is so funny. 

Speaking of funny... today I asked Kyndra if she wanted a baby brother or a baby sister.  She said she wanted a baby brother.  I then asked her what we would name her baby brother and she said Bree.  I explained that that was a girls name  She thought for a minute and said OK we should name him Shadrack.  How funny.  As we were walking around the thrift store she saw a bunch of old records.  Look Mema,  Really big Cd's.  Gotta love her.

Friday, March 25, 2011


I just got back from Pastor's School/ Educator's Convention.  It was such a great blessing.  I got to hear many great men of the faith and attend hands-on classes in different areas.  My biggest problem in my Christian life has always been prayer.  I try very hard to do what I know what I should do but I fail everyday.  I say the quick God bless my food prayers and I ask God to help people who need help but I don't seem to be very good at having long conversations with God. 
One of the sessions I attended was entitled "Why You Hate To Pray" by David Gibbs III.  He talked about the reasons we hate to pray and I suddenly understood something.  I wasn't the only one.  I am just like everyone else.  Bro. Gibbs said, "The only way to have a great prayer life is to have a great prayer list."  This struck home to me.  I will be working on a great prayer list.  I already have many things I pray for everyday but I need a more detailed list.  A list that pinpoints the areas of life that really need help.  I am so thankful that God showed me how to talk to him and I can't wait to get started on this great journey.