Saturday, January 31, 2009

Saturday is work day!!!

Oh my word. Today we worked all day outside taking care of the tree that fell down. Jerry cut the limbs up I hauled them to the burn pile. That tree didn't look so big when it was standing up. At one point Jerry tripped and fell flat on his face. In the process he tried to catch himself. Unfortunately with his bad (left) arm. A few pain pills later and he was as good as new.

I decided that I didn't like dumping the dogs food on the ground so I put 2 coffee cans down for them. The problem was they took off with the cans and played with them so next time we went to feed them the cans were at the other end of the yard. I thought I would hang them over the fence with a couple of zip strips and then they could eat out of them. I had to make sure they cleared the electric wire so the dogs wouldn't get shocked. I did and the dogs wouldn't eat out of them because they were afraid of the wire. Zoe finally decided to try and all was well. I was out working at the burn pile and heard alot of yelping. I can only assume one of them hit the wire. Now I have to figure out a better way. Poor dogs.

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