Monday, July 27, 2009

Wow! I guess it has been awhile since I've updated my blog. Lots of stuff has happened. We were all ready to move and then the people pulled out of the deal. They claimed it was because of the inspection report but wouldn't talk to us or their realtor about any negotiating. We think they just got scared of spending so much money. The next day my boss called to say I was going to be layed off. She felt really bad but our enrollment was down and someone had to go. I don't blame her. Today she called and said that her family has rescheuled their vacation so I could work there a couple of weeks longer. How very sweet she of her.

We are really excited about what is happening with our church. In 2 weeks we will start having services in the other buildings. We have started having Sunday night services and will start Wednesday night also. It is so fun being part of all the changes and being able to help Pastor White with the new church.

Jerry sang a solo Sunday in church. It was a song Jessica wrote. She made him promise that he would never play the CD for anyone and that he would never sing it. Pastor White called her to ask if her Dad could sing it in church. She said ok. There were a few teared up eyes while he sang and they weren't all mine.

It is so hot outside. It is close to 100 degrees. It is supposed to stay this hot for several days. Yuck! Praise God for AC.

Gary and Cassie are supposed to be moving to their new house this week. I'm not sure that they will have all the work done yet or not.

We bought Mom a laptop a couple of weeks ago and now we have her hooked up on the internet. I will be giving her lessons on how to use it. I am so excited.

Ok that's it for now. I know its not as good usual but I just wanted to get caught upl

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