Monday, August 10, 2009

Josh and Jessica went to a couple retreat with their church. Kyndra got to go visit her grandma GiGi. Don't they look alike.
Jerry and I have decided that even if we don't sell the house we are moving at the end of September. We will have to pay the same bills no matter where we are and actually a few less if we are in Illinois. We haven't given up on God selling our house for us. We think he will but, God helps those who help themselves. We are still waiting to see what He's going to do for us.
Mom finally got the all clear to do her garage sale from George's apartment. She said she did well so I am very happy for her.
Pastor White had his first Sunday morning service at Columbia Ridge. We taught Children's church so missed the service. I guess there were about 70 in attendance. It was such a blessing to see so many people there. Steve Aichele and his boys went to the service too. What a great day.
Friday night we went to the Ross Coleman Invitational. There were over 40 bull riders there. It was so very awesome to see all the riders and very exciting.
Saturday we went over to help Aunt Bev get her computer back up and running. They ended up taking us all out to dinner at Adobe Rose. It was so good and so fun to spend time with them.

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