Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sick Time

Being sick is no fun. I have been down now since Saturday night and I am getting bored. I can't get rid of my fever so I don't want to visit with anyone in case I'm contagious.

I have gotten caught up on a lot of paperwork and organizing. When you are living in a motor home being organized is more important than ever. Space is very limit. There has to be a place for everything and everything has to be in its place. Its good training for moving into a house that is much smaller than the one we lived in.

We need to go get our drivers license changed. We have to take a written test and possibly a driving test. I haven't had to take a driving test since I was 16. Hope I pass.

Last night Cassie had a wonderful baby shower for Jessica. I couldn't go because I'm sick. Cassie made the cutest monkey cakes and a great diaper cake. Jessica got a beautiful double stroller and tons of diapers and everyday items for Kayla. Everyone was so loving and thoughtful.

I am so excited about Thanksgiving. We haven't got to have one together in forever.

I've been thinking a lot about being thankful. I have never been so thankful for stuff in my life. God has blessed us over and over again. It is so fun to serve God and be part of his ministry. We feel so at home here and welcome.

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  1. I'll be praying that you get better soon! I'm so glad that you all are in Illinois with your girls ♥.