Monday, March 15, 2010

Today I helped Jessica spring clean her kitchen. We took everything out of the cupboards and wipped them out. We reorganized them and threw away stuff that she didn't need or want anymore. Then we put Liquid Gold on the doors. It looks so nice. I am also doing some reorganizing in the motorhome. I am digging spring clothes out of the garage and putting winter clothes back out there.

Josh and Jerry are at Pastors School. Jerry has never got to go before and I am so excited for him. We had to buy him some new clothes to wear to the conference. He has lost over 20 lbs since we moved here. Funny how doing physical work instead of sitting behind a desk can shape you up.

Jessica and I have been going to a Zumba class. It's really fun although I'm not very good at it.

After spring break I will be teaching a Literature class to the high schoolers. I am very excited about it. I love reading and hope that I can encourage my students to love it too.

Jerry is going to go to Oregon in the begining of April. I can't go because of work. He's going to help Chuck get the mustang running and go to the swap meet. I'm sure he will visit Les and Bev and my Mom. I just bought his tickets today.

There are a lot of pictures of our house progress on face book. It is easier to post them there than here. Jerry has been working hard and we now have some walls going back in.

Ok that's it for now.

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