Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Thursday I got an email from my husband asking me if I would like to go to Seattle for the week end. He had Monday off and thought that if we left Sunday after church we could get a room fairly cheap. I checked out our Starpoints (we earn these from our American Express card) and we had enough points for 2 nights at the Westin with upgrades. What a wonderful trip. We loved the headboard on our bed and Jerry is going to make one when we move if we have a room that is big enough we can put the bed diagonal. We went to the Seattle Aquarium where we watched divers feed the fish in the dome (inside out fish bowl), then we went on a harbor cruise of Elliot Bay, next we went to the Pacific Science Center where we saw and awesom 3-D movie about sea life and many other intresting exhibits, and then we finished our trip at the Boeing Aviation Museum where we got to go onboard the Air Force One used from 1957 until 1972. My favorite was the the 3-D movie, Jerry's was the Aviation Museum. We ate dinner at PF Changs one night and at County Cousins another. We sat in the hot tub and went swimming. We rode the monorail and walked down to the waterfront thru Pike Street Market. I have decided that I like short vacations better than long ones because you don't get nearly as tired.
One thing about Jerry you never get bored sitting in the same place to long. What a wonderful romantic way to spend Valentines Day week end.
Thank you to my best friend and favorite husband.


  1. so so glad that you were able to get away! Love ya!

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  3. Hi again, thanks for visiting.. Let me know if you have a new post.. me will update my blog everyday, next post is more to how to care for husband..