Saturday, September 12, 2009


Funny thing happens when you are going to move away from someplace you have always lived. You start thinking "This is the last time we'll see this", "This is the last time we'll eat here", "This is the last time we'll go here". We were both raised in Portland, Oregon and never really went anywhere else. We moved into the country when the girls were really little and have lived in our house for 24 years. My husband always says, "There's Oregon, Washington, Idaho and the east coast." We have never lived more than 2 hours from the mountains, the ocean, or the desert. Jerry's spent every week-end camping on the river and water skiing. I spent many week-ends fishing with my Dad on the Willamette and camping at many lakes in Oregon. We raised our girls doing the same types of things. We have always loved camping and exploring with our family. We can't wait to start exploring the mid-west.
Last night we went to the tractor pulls in Sublimity, Oregon.
Now I know they have truck pulls Illinois but I doubt we will be sitting with the parents of one of the monster truck drivers as he made his first home town appearance. How exciting to watch their faces and reactions as he drove his truck over many cars and did wheelies across the arena.
There are many people and places in Oregon that we will miss. There is some sadness in leaving. But there is much excitement as we look forward to exploring new places and camping in new areas and just spending time with our children and grandchildren.


  1. praying for you as you make this move ♥

  2. I'm so excited for you! A new place to explore, and all your family to explore it with! What could be better?