Sunday, September 20, 2009

Ribs again?

Wyatt is a really messy eater!
We still had 20lbs of ribs left so we decided to have one last bar-b-que before we move. We invited our quading friends and families. It was so fun to have everyone together again.
Juliane and Jade had fun swinging one the lawn swing. Frank and Alice ate lots of ribs and still had time to smile. Steve,Taylor, Wyatt, Isaac, Liz, and Emily all sat in the house and played with the candle on the table. Ginger, Matt and Johnny all sat outside with us and enjoy the sun breaks that we had.

As it cooled down we built a fire in the fire pit and truly enjoyed the sunset and the fellowship.

We will miss these good friends so much. They have stood by us when others chose not to and remained our friends. I am so thankful that God gave them all to us.
I can't take many more of these good-byes. Good thing we are leaving soon.

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  1. What a crew! Looks like everyone had a good time. Sure do love you guys!!! Will miss you dearly!