Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Kina's Wedding, ETC

Wow, last week we traveled to Boilingbrook, IL to attend the wedding of a very sweet young lady we met about 9 years ago. Her name was Kina Fink. She was Jessica's room mate in college and they have been friends ever since. She spent spring break at our home one year and we had such a great time. She was in Jessica's wedding and then came to visit during Cassie's wedding when Josh and Jessica were home from China. Whenever she was at our home she was a delightful person and we are so glad that Jessica and Kina are friends. She had the sweetest wedding we had been to in a long time.

Kina's father is Pastor of Grace Baptist Church in Lockport,IL. We went there for church Sunday morning. What a loving and friendly church. Pastor Fink didn't preach while we were there. His new son-in-law's father did and it was really good. After the service the Finks invited us over for lunch. We had such a wonderful time of fellowship with them. They are such nice people. Now we know why Kina was so sweet.

We own a time share in Orlando. While we were moving we forgot to bank our week so we have to use it this year or loss it. We found out we could go to Myrtle Beach, SC so we booked a condo for 1 week. We figure it will take us 2 days each way to drive there. We invited Gary and Cassie to go with us but they just couldn't be gone that long. My wonderful husband called my mom and told her we would fly her out her so she could go with us. I am so excited. She will come the week before we leave and stay for a week after we get back. She hasn't seen Kayla yet and the last time she saw Kyndra she was about 4 months old. Can't wait for her to get here.
I have applied for about a million jobs since we have moved. I applied at the local Kmart when we moved here and I had an interview. They didn't hire me then. Tuesday I had another interview and they hired me on the spot. I will be working 12-20 hrs a week which is just perfect. I get Sundays and Wednesday nights off and I can have the time for our vacation off. I will also get Medical Benefits. I don't know all of the details yet. Tomorrow night I will start my training so then I will know more.
Bro. Darrel "Chainsaw" Cox preached for us Monday and Tuesday night. It was so awesome. He is a very powerful preacher. We certainly felt revived by his preaching. Tonight our Preacher preached and we all love to listen to him. He told us that another church was getting new pews and they thought that they had their old ones sold. The deal fell through so they offered them to us for free. Their church seats 500 so we will have lots of extra pews. God is so good to us. What a blessing. :)

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  1. So happy that your mother gets to visit and go on vacation with you! It was wonderful having you and your husband around :).