Sunday, April 11, 2010

A lesson learned

This week my husband has been gone. He went back to Oregon to finish up some business and visit family. I couldn't go because I'm teaching and because the tickets were just so expensive.
A couple of weeks ago he was at Pastors School. I missed him then but since Josh was also gone Jessica and I spent a lot of time together and did some girl stuff. This week it was just me. I popped in the house and said Hi once in awhile and I ate dinner with them but mostly I was on my own. I really really missed him.

This morning I was sitting by myself in church. It felt really odd to be alone. It reminded me how very fortunate I am to have a husband who goes to church. I thought back to all the ladies I have known over the years who's husbands didn't go to church with them. How they had to negotiate church activity time with their husbands. How they tried to raise their children for the Lord but their husbands weren't on board. Even if their husbands weren't against the church they sent a message to the children that church wasn't important. God tells us not to be unequally yoked. I never really thought about it before but this week made me understand.
As I was sitting there my friend who's husband died 4 years ago came it. She was looking for a seat for her and her daughter. The church was pretty full this week so I motioned her over. She came and sat by me and I have never felt so thankful in my life. I realized that every week she has to find a friend to sit with. Her husband can't sit with her anymore. In the pew in front of me a sweet older man in our church sat by himself. His wife has been very ill and isn't strong enough to come to all the services. He still comes faithfully and sits all by himself every service.

These people are my HEROES. It is so easy for me to go to church. They have to be by themselves and are still faithful to our Lord. I'm sure that God must have very special plans for them.

Thank-you God for giving me my wonderful husband to sit with.

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