Sunday, July 4, 2010

I love the 4Th of July. My whole life it has been special to me. I think that maybe part of it is because my Mom is not a citizen and I am so thankful that I was born in the USA and I am a citizen.

Friday we went to the dump in Macomb. It is about an hour from Canton. On our way home we passed the "From Sea to Shining Sea" bike riders. I later looked them up on the Internet and learned more about them. There are between 25-30 disabled vets who made a decision to prove to able bodied people that nothing is impossible. They are riding across the USA on bicycles. Some of them are missing limbs and some have other problems. Many other Vets have joined them for part or all of the ride. They started at San Francisco 6 weeks ago. They reached Canton on July 2ND. It brought tears to my eyes as we passed them. They made such huge sacrifices for our country and for us. People all along the rode were lined up with flags cheering them on. There were miles and miles of people spread out. The riders were saluted and and people stood at attention for them. The American people are unique in this world. We have freedoms that other countries don't have. Yet over and over again we have proved that we will stand up for what is right. We will help the weak and the helpless. We will risk our lives and our own freedom to help others gain theirs.

I am so proud to be and American.

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