Monday, December 28, 2009

On Christmas Eve we celebrated Christmas as a family. Jerry cooked omlets for everyone and while he slaved in the kitchen Kyndra impatiently started opening her presents. Uncle Gary quickly became her favorite when he gave her play dough and then spent time playing with her. They were having so much fun and it kept her busy until dinner was ready.
This is the first Christmas Eve we all spent together since Jessica's last year in college. It was so great to be together. The next morning Josh and Jessica left early in the morning to go visit his Mom and the rest of his family. Gary and Cassie went to his parents and Jerry and I just chilled out. That evening Gary and Cassie invited us over to watch a couple of movies and have pizza. We had such a great time and were so thankful to get to spend time with our kids and their families.
We hope you all had a great Christmas and will have a wonderful New Year.

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