Sunday, August 29, 2010


The other day we were taking Kyndra to Lakeland Park to feed the ducks. We went by the church to get some loaves of bread that were left over from food bank. Jerry ran in the building and I sat in the car with Kyndra. I was filing my finger nails and Kyndra said, " Mema, I don't like that noise." I replied, "I'm sorry Kyndra." and kept filing my nails. After a few seconds she said, "Mema, Bepa doesn't like that noise either." So smart for such a little girl.

We have been having such a wonderful time. The weather has cooled down a little and the humidity has let up a little. School has started and I teach from 7:15 to 2:00 everyday. So far 4 days a week I am working at Kmart. It keeps me busy but it's not as bad as I thought it would be. The kids are so cute and are very well behaved. We are getting into a routine and the kids are doing great. Work at Kmart has been very good also. Not too many hours.

Jerry starts at Cat on the 7th of September. It is a temp job with no benifits. It is also 2nd shift. He will be making the bottom of the pay scale but it gives him an in at Cat. The worst part is that due to our schedules I will only get to see him when he comes to eat lunch with me at school. I will be asleep when he gets home and he will be asleep when I leave. We will get to spend time together on Sat. and Sun.

Jerry has been working on the house like a mad man. Won't be long and he will be mudding and taping. He is the most wonderful man I know.

Today Jerry bought a little electric 4 wheeler and a little go cart at a garage sale. Kyndra is anxiously awaiting her Bepa to fix them so she can drive them.

Tomorrow is my favorite day of the week. Sunday. On Sunday morning we get up and go to church. We set up our department, print the bulletins, and go to our Sunday school class. Then we rush downstairs to get to Jr. Church before the kids. Each week is a new adventure. We have the best workers anywhere. Our adult workers all arrive right away. Then in come the kids. Somewhere during all of the huslte and bustle our teen workers arrive. We average about 16 workers every Sunday. 6-8 are adults and the rest are teens. Our department is a training ground for church workers. We run between 30-40 kids between 3rd and 6th grade every week. Many of these are bus kids. Lots of them are crazy. We have so much fun with all of them. Every week a different adult worker preaches. We have specials and learn hymns. We have games and prizes. It is the highlight of my week.

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