Sunday, January 9, 2011


Ok so this Bible reading stuff is pretty cool.  I have read the Bible thru a few times and have read different sections many times.  Every time I read it I learn something new.  This week I read about Lot. In Genesis 19:8 that scumbag offered up his virgin daughters to the men of Sodom so they wouldn't come into his house and bother the angels of God.  What kind of father would do that.  I guess that explains why later his daughters did what they did.  Not only did they have a scummy Dad but they were raised in Sodom and were surrounded by all the sin and debauchery that went on.  I am constantly amazed at what God shows me.  If only those girls would have had a loving bus worker or a Sunday school teacher who cared, or a youth Pastor to give them guidance. Maybe they wouldn't have tricked their father into sleeping with them.  This encourages me to keep working in jr. Church and loving on those kids.

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