Friday, January 21, 2011


I have a new hobby. Well not really new.  I started last summer and it has been fun and somewhat lucrative.  There are posts on facebook from people who take the time to find all of the best freebies, sweepstakes, instant wins, contests, coupons, etc.  I started signing up for the contests and sweepstakes and in the first month I won a $500.00 gift card to Office Depot for my class room.  Kay and I had a great time spending it.  I have gotten several free magazine subscriptions, a $10 Starbucks card, 2 months worth of Toaster Strudels, many shampoo and conditioner samples, toothpaste, lotion, coffee, tea, snack bars, free Sobes, free cough drops, pain relief patches, movie tickets, and paint.  This last week I won a $10 Dollar General gift card and a $50 Visa gift card.  I believe that God is allowing me to win so much because I told him Iwould use anything I won for the benifit of the church.   I spend 10 to 15 minutes a day enter contests and requesting samples. I have a separate email that I use for these so that any junk mail goes to it.  My favorite blogs for this are stockpiling moms and freebies 4 moms. Both are on facebook and you can link them to your email.  I actually have fun with this and I am so blessed whenever I win.  Its fun to try and figure out how to use the winnings for God.   If you have any questions just comment below and I will try to answer them.


  1. What websites and how do I get started. :)

  2. On facebook go to freebies4moms. Thats where I started and from there you can find other sites.