Thursday, January 14, 2010

Josh and Jessica have a silly little dog named Gilligan. He is a Skipperkee. He was already grown up when they got him and he has a few odd habits. He will not eat any kind of dog treat. He thinks hes to good for them. He barks at me every time I go in the house even though he knows me and sleeps on the bed with me when ever he can. He loves Jerry and Gary and any one who will pet him. He will not stay in his yard. This morning I heard Jessica calling him back to the house. I then heard her apologize to some kids who were waiting on the corner for the school bus. Gilligan had stolen a piece of pizza from one of the kids. It might have been their breakfast or their lunch. Just think some poor kid went to school with out breakfast or lunch because the big vicious dog, Gilligan, stole it. I can just hear them telling their teacher that a dog ate their lunch.

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  1. Hilarious! To think of Gilly as viscious... hehe! Thanks for sharing!