Wednesday, January 27, 2010

We have been so crazy busy. We have ripped all of the walls out of our house and Jerry and the Brannan men put the front door in today. It looks so cool. They delivered our kitchen cabinets and counter tops today. Now we have boxes of stuff all over the place. We still need to rip up the underlayment on the floors but we took part of the week off to work on Josh and Jessica's basement. It is really starting to look great down there.

Monday and Tuesday nights we had the Sons of Thunder conference at Calvary Baptist Church. Bro.'s Scott and Bob Gray Jr. were here and we had the best conference. They also preached Tuesday morning followed by a lunch. What a wonderful time we had and what a blessing they were to all of us.

My favorite story this week is: Kyndra was in the motor home and I had gone into the bathroom to change my clothes. When I came out she was totally engrossed in Little Einsteins and I snuck up behind her and said "Boo". She jumped and turned around, Mema,go potty. You scared me." Precious memories.

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